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Termine Definizione

Description of the number of chromosomes in the nucleus of a cell and what they look like under a light microscope.

Kaufman method for Apraxia

A way of teaching children with apraxia of speech the easiest way of saying words until they have increased motor-speech coordination. They are actually taught the shell of words without including too many of the complex consonants, vowels, or syllables which make a word too difficult to even attempt on a motor basis.

Ketogenic diet

A high fat, high protein, low carb diet found helpful in some seizure disorders in infants.

Kidney scan

A diagnostic test using a small amount of radioactive material to examine for kidney abnormalities.

Kidney stones

Deposits of various minerals forming hard stones that may cause pain and blockage of kidney function.

Kidney ultrasound

A diagnostic test using soundwaves to discover kidney abnormalities or stones.


spine bulges at the upper back; humpbacked